Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cupid's Kiss COMING SOON!

Coming soon from Rogue Phoenix Press!

Cupid was real, and his descendants still walk the earth. Their magical matchmaking abilities don’t come from arrows though, but from their spit. 

Sixteen year old Amanda Amoretto is one of those descendants and she doesn’t believe in love. After all, if her spit can make people fall in love, it’s just a silly chemical reaction right? It isn’t anything real.

Until she meets a boy she just can’t get off her mind. The problem is that if she kisses him, he’ll fall under her Cupid love spell, which will make it impossible to have a genuine relationship. Her life gets turned upside down, as the girl who always overthinks everything finds herself becoming a slave to her feelings.

Will Amanda be able to resist her feelings? Does she even want to? Even if it means living a lie?

Read the first chapter before the book comes out! 

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Friday, March 11, 2016

I want to thank Rogue Phoenix Press for agreeing to publish my young adult novelette CUPID'S KISS. I'm very excited to be working with Christine Young and the team, and will post the cover and release date info soon!

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